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Turkey-USA Business Forum

I hope that the meeting took place today contributes much to the development of the trade between the United States and Bursa which is the production, trade and export center of Turkey.

And I hope that this meeting in which we will discuss about the co-operation opportunities between our institutions will be fruitful.

Relations between Turkey and the United States are founded more than 200 years ago.

Turkey and the United States which are NATO allies for 60 years are strategic partners.

And both countries have great importance for each other politically.

Both countries have a comprehensive co-operation scale for many critical issues such as anti-terrorism, security of energy supply in a large geography; from the Middle East to the North Africa, from the Balkans to the Southeast Asia.

But in spite of the strategical co-operations between two countries, our economic relations are not at the desired level.

The share we take from the trade pie of the United States which is 4 trillion is not even 20 billion. 

Regarding these figures, as the representatives of the Turkish business world, the United States is still a country to be discovered for us.

Bursa, which has been one of the most important hubs of the historical Silk Road with the global companies it hosts today, has the potential to be among the most important actors in the development of the trade between the United States and Turkey.

In spite of the stagnancy in our main export markets, companies in Bursa have succeeded to increase their equity capitals, turnovers and profits in 2014.

Turnover of our 250 largest companies have reached to 66 billion Turkish Liras with an increase of 12 percent (25 billion Dollars) compared to the previous year.

Our companies have raised their equity capitals to 18 billion Turkish Liras (6.5 billion dollars) with 8 percent increase and raised their profit to 3.5 billion Turkish Liras (1,2 billion Dollars).

There are 20 U.S.A. capital companies in Bursa.  Our city ranks second in the export of our country, is above the average of Turkey in per capita income, and has a considerably low unemployment rate not only in Turkey but also lower than the average of European countries.

Totally 310 companies export to the United States.

And the total export of these companies is approximately 570 million Dollars.

As we target 75 billion dollars export for 2023, we think that this trade volume between Bursa and the United States is definitely not enough as the U.S. is the largest market of the world.

As the Bursa chamber of commerce and industry, through the projects we have been carrying out in Bursa, we lead the national development goals; we aim at increasing the share of high technology and qualified production, and improving the export potential of our companies.

In this context, we have opened the doors of the world to our members via the global fair agency project we have been carrying out.

Thus, business people of our city that have been working in the industry, trade and export center of Turkey are getting more efficient and strong in global markets day by day.

Within the scope of our global fair agency project, we organized 23 fair organizations in 2014.

We made nearly 4 world round tours last year from U.S.A. to China, from Russia to Germany, from Dubai to Italy together with our 750 companies.

And in 2015, we have scheduled 58 fair organizations that will be held in different continents of the world.

International Franchise Expo is one of the organizations we have been carrying out with a private airplane for 160 people in the leadership of our distinguished Governor and distinguished Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality.

As the business community of Bursa, we have been in U.S.A. with this high level of participation for the first time.

Our representatives of Bursa business world will have the opportunity to see the innovations in the sector during the fair and I believe that they will leave New York having built new commercial bridges from Bursa to New York through the bilateral meetings they will have.

In Bursa which is the locomotive city of the economy of our country with its production capability in automotive, textile, machinery, metal and food sectors and success of export rates, we have started a transformation in our industry with determined steps we have taken together with all of the dynamics of our city. 

Through the clustering activities we have started in railway systems, space, aerospace and defense fields that need high technology, we aim to be the production and technology center of our geography.

Bursa which has carried out the first domestic tramway project of our country that is on the agenda of Turkey is also among the most important actors of domestic automobile and original helicopter projects.

Furthermore, in the leadership of our distinguished Governor and distinguished Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, new generation high technology organized industrial zone, energy facilities, technology transfer offices, test centers, sea, railway, highway and airway connections that we bring in Bursa, our city will be the center of attraction for international investors.

I believe that Turkish people living in this region are going to contribute much to Bursa to be in a stronger and efficient position in the largest market of the world and to be evaluated in the first ranks in the investment preferences of the American companies.

There is an intense competition in the world.

It is not possible to miss a 4 trillion Dollar-market with an export-based growth rate in a process that we take firm steps for the future goals.

In a country which is a super power and has an intense competition environment, we have no choice but to develop our economic relations. 

For this reason, works of Turkish business people living in this geography and institutions here which are leading and horizon broadening in American economy have great importance.

The mission and responsibility taken by Turkish business people light the road of us in a market that directs the economy of the world.

In this context, Turkish American Chamber of Commerce and Industry forms the required infrastructure and strategies to develop mutual trade and investment opportunities.

Companies of Bursa which have the potential to be a world brand will be able to take firm steps with the cooperation and assistance of Turkish American Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Hereby, as the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I would like to express that we are honored to be the member of the Turkish-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry again.

And I would like to express my gratitude to you for your kind hospitality and for the successful organization

And I sincerely believe that the representatives of Bursa business world will evaluate the co-operation opportunities and will increase our export to U.S.A. to more than 1 billion Dollars.

I hope that the bilateral meetings will benefit to our companies, our cities and our countries, and I salute you with my best regards.


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