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Investment in Education is Investment in the Future




The quality of the human resources countries possess determines the basis of their level of development.   

The key to socio-economic development and productivity growth is to raise the educational level of the labour force.

In this respect; vocational and technical education is of great value for Turkish economy which has the faith and determination to meet the need for qualified labour force and to improve the international competitive capacity.

But unfortunately, our vocational schools have always been fields of education for children who have given up hope of success and guided so that 'they could acquire a profession at least'.

On the other hand; when failure to establish the right bond between our schools and the private sector gets combined with policies that impede vocational education, our already existing problems in this field have worsened every passing year. 

The leap we have made since the 2000s, the technology we have achieved and the success we have gained in production and export have all helped our national economy to become the 13th largest economy in the world on the basis of purchasing power.

However, the intense competition environment has increased the expectations from the labour force in knowledge-based economies where high technology is used. 

Today, the labour market needs timely and fast solutions to changing needs.

In this context, our most important expectation as the real sector is to provide our students with a flexible and dynamic structure that will adapt to change and transformation with a curriculum in line with the new industrial revolution and developing technology.

As the business society of Bursa, our key visions is to integrate the goals of our city with the ideals of our country and to invest in qualified human resources. 

This is because the powerful breakthroughs we need for a strong economy and a fully independent Turkey can only be achieved with qualified human resources.

I would like to emphasize that we are among the pioneer chambers acting under the leadership of our Governor for the change of paradigm we need in line with our country's new education vision.

With the protocol we have signed with the Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk in recent months, we have brought a new dimension to the activities carry out in the field of vocational and technical education.

We have selected 11 pilot schools to lead the transformation in vocational and technical education.

In cooperation with the Ministry of National Education, we aim to bring the fields of education in line with technology in these schools, in the management of which our Chamber has some say.

Our pilot schools within the scope of the protocol are among the educational institutions implementing special programs and projects.

With the participation of industry and business associations, these schools will have the right to benefit from BEBKA's financial support program.

In this process where we take on responsibility as Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, industry and business associations will also make capital contribution within the scope of the project.

I would like to express my gratitude to our Governor for his valuable leadership in the realization of this project. 

Just like BUTGEM, which we have brought into life with the vision of our industrialists and business people and helped it become an exemplary institution in the world in the eye of the United Nations, we want to achieve success in our vocational and technical education schools. 

Particularly with 11 different education programs that will be offered in the thematic areas needed by the business world in Bursa, our young people studying in these schools will acquire a frame-breaking and entrepreneurial spirit.  

The architects of the goals for 2023, 2053 and 2071 goals we have dreamed of will be the children studying in these schools and their valuable teachers.

Investment in education is an investment not only for today but also for the future.

There is no risk of loss in these kinds of investments which are made with good wills.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all our institutions and non-governmental organizations supporting vocational and technical education which is our national issue.

I hope that the projects prepared will be beneficial to our education community and business world.

May your upcoming Qadr night and Bayram be blessed.

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