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Launch of the Contract Hotel Expo Fair

I would like to welcome you all to the introduction meeting of the CONTRACT HOTEL EXPO BURSA, the business contracts fair concerning the hotel, restaurant, hospital and catering industry, which will be the first.

As you know, removing of commercial obstacles between the countries has created an intensive competition environment and bilateral marketing volume of the countries has increased considerably.

Liberalization of commerce has enabled the countries to export goods and services to the farthest regions of the world and thus, to have an economic growth.

Fairs are one of the most important marketing and introduction environments which free trade brought to our world.

Fairs contribute much to the development of cities, regions and countries.

We would like to enable Bursa, which steers the production, trade and export of Turkey, to become a centre of attraction of our region and country with its deep history, strong cultural texture and geographical position.

In this context, we set out with the aim of bringing 12 fairs at national and international quality to our city by making a strategic collaboration with TUYAP for revealing fair potential of our Bursa.

As you will remember, our first activity in this context was the construction and real estate fair in April.

We introduced the investors of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain with our representatives of the business world.

Likewise, we held our home style fair which is the first one in Turkey with the participation of more than 70 companies and over 100 brands in May.

We got positive feedback from both fairs.

While our construction and real estate fair provided with a growth about 60% in terms of participants, the satisfaction rate of our companies which opened stands in our Home & Style Fair that we held for the first time this year was 80%.

We hope that both fairs will reach to higher numbers in terms of both participants and visitors in the next years.

Service and tourism sectors have an important potential with the contributions to national income and country introduction.

While 15 million foreign tourists visited our country 10 years ago, this number rose to 37 million today.

Our tourism incomes reached from 15 billion Dollars to 35 million Dollars.

Policies towards the development of alternative tourism types such as culture, health, belief and sport tourism within the frame work of new global tourism tendencies have been increasing the attraction of our country every day.

2023 objectives of our country, which predicts a steady growth with qualified service quality, are 50 million tourists and a tourism income which exceeds 50 billion Dollars.

In this context, hotel, restaurant and hospital investments have been gaining momentum.

In Turkey, more than 500 new hotels have been opened or modernizations of current businesses have been carried out in 2015.

With the investments at this point, from project stage to opening of the business, new business opportunities for hundreds of sectors occur.

Contract Hotel Expo Bursa Fair, which we organize in cooperation with other stakeholders, our Ministry of Economy, our Metropolitan Municipality, Development Agency, exporters’ associations and TUYAP, will be the largest platform which will bring together the solution partners in the sector.

Bursa recently has been the centre of attraction of chain of international hotel investments and of the companies which are active in special health sector.

As you know, our city also hosts many companies which produce goods and services in accordance with developing technology and needs and expectations of clients.

As the business world of Bursa, we are the strongest candidate concerning the realization of new investments and the supply of product groups which are used in the projects.

Many companies which reflect the power of the city and our country in production and commercial activities, from hotel textile to furniture; from industrial kitchen and laundry equipment to illumination, technology and security systems; from hotel room equipment to restaurant products will take part in this fair.

As the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry we will promote our fair in international arena. We will increase common benefit with commercial delegations.

We will also host the authorities of local and national chains from the USA, Europe, Africa, Balkan and Latin countries and Turkic republics, Far East and Gulf countries in Bursa between 11th - 14th November.

The supports of our companies have great importance in the projects which we realize.

The road to build sustainable future is through protection of the projects which will shed light on the future of our Bursa together.

I thank my distinguished co-workers, valuable authorities of TUYAP, our members of advisory committee and our companies which do not deny their supports to us that have contributed significantly to reach this point.

I hope that our fair will be beneficial for our companies, our city and country, and I pay my respects to you all.



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