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Bursa Textile Confection and R&D Center

Bursa Technology Coordination and R&D Center (BUTEKOM) was established in 2008 in line with the decision of the Textile Technologies Working Group to provide mutual benefits, enhance R&D and innovation consciousness in companies, and conduct studies based on the needs of the firms. Its partners are Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) (50%), Uludağ Textile Exporters' Association (UTİB) (37.5%), and Uludağ Ready-Made Garment and Clothing Exporters' Association (UHKİB) (12.5%).

BUTEKOM collaborates with the academic world to offer high-quality, reliable, impartial, accredited, value-added, innovative solutions, and services through activities such as R&D, testing, analysis, examination, technical reporting, education, and project development in sectors it serves. It currently consists mainly of the Textile and Technical Textile Excellence Center (TTTMM) and the Advanced Composite Materials Research and Excellence Center (İKMAMM). The Nanotechnology Excellence Center is in the project development stage, and establishing the Micro-mechanics Excellence Center is a target.

Located within the Bursa Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone, BUTEKOM encompasses modern facilities with 12,800 m2 of closed area. It houses laboratories, composite pilot production facilities, R&D project development areas, training rooms, conference halls, a library, offices, and the ROKETSAN Bursa Campus, serving sectors such as textiles, technical textiles, composites, plastics, rubber, packaging, automotive, rail systems, defense, and aviation.

BUTEKOM provides testing and examination services to various sectors, including analytical, conditioning, physical testing, wet chemistry, mechanical, aging, and combustion laboratories. It possesses pilot production lines for composite materials, prepreg, and composite products, as well as prototype production devices (3D printers, etc.).

BUTEKOM laboratories currently apply around 300 test standards, with 48 tests accredited by TÜRKAK TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 International Accreditation. As a member of the Bursa Aerospace Defense Cluster (BASDEC), BUTEKOM aims to become an organization producing products (especially composite) for the defense, aviation, automotive, and health sectors.

Prioritizing collaboration with public institutions, universities, and industries, BUTEKOM has become a leading organization shaping the sectors and received the "2019 R&D, Innovation, University, Industry Collaboration Award" from the President of Turkey. In touch with international research centers, BUTEKOM aspires to be a multi-purpose international research center conducting R&D activities, supporting and developing innovative products for companies, and contributing to the development of high-value products, increased production efficiency, and coordination, communication, collaboration, and training among stakeholders.

BUTEKOM has provided sector-specific training, practical laboratory training, informative seminars to approximately 7,500 people. It has also pioneered technical exhibitions, prepared technical reports for the sector's information, supported technical events organized by UTIB and BTSO, and organized workshops on home textiles, technical textiles, textile engineering, and design. Additionally, BUTEKOM has engaged in sustainable production practices, offered consultancy services, and provided support for companies transitioning to innovative, value-added products through project writing and consultancy. It has also supported regional clustering and analysis studies.

To date, BUTEKOM has realized approximately 26 Development Agency Projects, 43 TÜBİTAK Projects, 14 KOSGEB Projects, 10 European Union Projects, 2 United Nations Projects, and proposed about 2,000 projects on various topics.

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