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Ulutek Technology Development Zone
Education Investments
Bursa Women Entrepreneurs Council
Bursa Young Entrepreneurs Council
Bursa UU. Technology Transfer Office
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Payitaht Bazaar Project
Bursa Gökmen Project
BTSO Academy Project
Bursa Business School (BBS)
OIZ Technocity Project
BTSO Exchange Program
Cluster Groups
UR-GE and HİSER Projects
New-Generation Fairs
BTSOTAM Arbitration and Mediation Centre
Vocational Compe. Exam and Cert. Center
Transition for SMEs
Bursa Spring of Innovation and Design
Green Growth Project
BTSO Loyalty Project
BUTGEM Education Center
BTSO University
Bursa Finance and Commerce Center
Organized Trade Zones
Brand Boulevard Project
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OIZs for SMEs
BTSO Culinary Academy
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Bursa Textile Confection and R&D Center
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