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BBS serves our Bursa as a Strategic Value in Transformation

Throughout history, structures and buildings have not only showcased architectural marvels but also reflected a country's identity and rich heritage.

Preserving and keeping these buildings alive presents a significant opportunity for developing economic potential.

Under the umbrella of BTSO, we approach the historical and cultural richness of our city with great sensitivity in all the projects we undertake.

While increasing our assets and values with the projects we realized applying collective wisdom, we also set a vision for a Bursa that will have a say in the international arena.

It was with this mindset that we took ownership of the historical Kirazlıyayla Sanatorium, which was about to be lost, nestled among the unique beauty of nature.

Throughout this journey, we worked many long hours closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Governorship of Bursa, the Regional Directorate of National Parks, and the National Board of Memorials.

Let me first of all extend my best wishes for the success of this heritage facility. This historical venue has been brought back to life with the brand name Bursa Business School and in the presence of our esteemed Governor, I would like to express our gratitude to all the institutions that supported the realization of this project.

We have built a center that will fill  every person in Bursa with great pride, bridging the gap between the past and the future.

I would like to thank each and every valuable member of our council for your contribution.

We worked together, we succeeded together.

May God bless you all.

The dizzying pace of technological innovations has ushered in an extraordinary transformation in the economy as well as in the social sphere.

Concepts such as digitalization, artificial intelligence, and technological automation have led to the creation of new business models.

Today, new opportunities along with new risks have emerged for all actors of working life.

As we enhance our adaptability to the extraordinary changes, a new era has begun where we can say "I am here" as much as we can develop our ability to cope.

The vision we imagined for our city and Uludağ ten years ago was also describing the present.

With this foresight, we designed Bursa Business School as a meeting center of wisdom and experience.

By meticulously carrying out restoration work that preserves our natural riches, we have realized another dream, contributing to our cultural heritage and local economy.

Inspired by world examples in the field of lifelong education, such as Harvard Business School, INSEAD, and Wilton Park we designed Bursa Business School with a multi-dimensional planning that includes thesis rooms, group work rooms, library, conference halls, accommodation, cafeteria, restaurants, swimming pools, sports center, and spa center,

Bursa Business School has become a reference training center that offers high-level education, company meetings, congresses at national and international levels, and local or foreign summits.

We achieved strategic partnership agreements with the leading universities of our country and the world as part of the high-level programs to be held at BBS.

 As our companies, NGOs, and universities use the infrastructure of Bursa Business School, our representatives of the business world will master the new economy's enigmas and will be more prepared to compete with up-to-date information through high-level conferences that will take place here.

Representatives of our companies will focus on new trade opportunities with the vision they will gain and the business network they will establish.

Bursa Business School will serve as a strategic asset in the transformation of our economy, both as the fulfillment of our President's vision "Let's make Uludağ Davos" and as an addition to Uludağ's identity as a 12-month attractive destination.

Wellness and healthy living programs will also be organized within the scope of BBS. In addition, our personnel trained in the Kitchen Academy, which we established as a solution to the need for qualified human resources in the culinary and hospitality sector, will be employed both in Swiss Hotel and in the tourism and hotel management sector, meeting an important need in this field as well.

Bursa Business School, which successfully passed its first exam on an international level involving more than 70 astronauts in September, will continue to serve our business community as a strategic resource in the transformation of our economy.

Dear Friends

As you know, we carried out the 'Bursa 250 largest companies survey', one of the most comprehensive field surveys in our country, for the 26th time.

Despite the negative effects of the ongoing wars in our close geography, inflation figures testing record levels all over the world and the negative effects of uncertainties in trade, our companies, achieved a significant increase in all economic indicators, especially production, employment and exports.

I sincerely congratulate all of our companies that deserve full appreciation by working with perseverance and determination toward our development targets even under exceptional conditions.

Under most extraordinary conditions, we have continued to work with faith and determination towards our development goals. I sincerely congratulate all our firms that have earned deep appreciation with their efforts.

Throughout history, we have experienced ups and downs together. However, no matter how great the magnitude of the difficulties we faced, we have never been prisoners of despair at any time.

We never gave up on production, exports, and creating new employment.

Just as in the past, today, and tomorrow, we will continue to work with all our strength for the future and prosperity of our country.

The sustainability of this belief and determination and qualified growth goals requires the reestablishment of financial stability and the fight against inflation, the most significant need in our production life.

In this context, I would like to express that the measures taken by our economic administration and the support provided to our businesses are highly valuable.

Our efforts continue in areas such as KOSB, integrated logistics centers with modern infrastructure, storage areas, and a strong trade network, as well as our activities in organized trade, free trade, and organized housing areas.

If we support our companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises operating in unplanned areas, providing them with better locations and opportunities for capacity increases and modern transportation facilities, we can realize a significant leap in our city’s development.

I strongly believe that our bursa, which has succeeded to be the capital of production and trade throughout history, will be a powerhouse of international appeal in the 'Century of Türkiye' with the exemplary unity, perseverance and determination of our business community.

Dear Friends

Today, our esteemed governor is with us as our 'guest of honour'.

Since taking office in Bursa, our esteemed governor has consistently supported our efforts and projects, demonstrating a proactive management approach.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the governor for his unwavering support of our business community.

During the final part of our meeting, there will be presentations of our esteemed professors on the developments in the economy according as foreseen with the vision of BBS.

I would like to thank Prof. Dr. Aydın Aarapınar and Associate Prof. Dr. Filiz Eryılmaz for their valuable insights.

With these emotions and thoughts, I wish our meeting to be beneficial and fruitful, and iIpresent my regards.

Good evening.

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