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More Investment and More Production for a Stronger Turkey

We declared our faith and commitment to democracy once again on the day of July 15th.

The necessary respond to FETÖ terrorist organization is given by our heroic citizens who put their lives at stake for the sake of national will.

With this unique fight, we have proven once again that no obstacle can stand in front of us when we unite.

I once again congratulate the exemplary behavior of our nation towards the world.

This period of time where we protect our willpower and democracy as being the representatives of business world we have tried to fulfill our responsibilities since the very beginning.

We are one of the first chambers to react against the FETÖ organization that tried to overtake the management with military camouflage.

We have stated during the intensive hours of conflict that we do not recognize any power but public will and democracy.

We declared our joint statement as BTSO with the 82 institutions and organizations from our business world.

Since attempted coup we kept our democracy watch at the democracy square banded together with the representatives of our business world.

On Sunday morning we have met in Ulucami with fellow citizens from Bursa in order to commemorate our democracy martyrs. We have prayed and we have offered catering.

After our assembly meeting we will get together and Mihraplı Mosque and memorialize our martyrs with prayers. Afterwards we will take our place at the democracy square.

We have requested 81 monuments in 81 cities in memory of for all our martyrs whom brought us democracy victory which will be remembered in our history with honor.

As Bursa Chamber of Commerce and industry we will build a democracy monument at the democracy square.

As BTSO we will give a democracy award in behalf of martyr Ömer Halisdemir as he is the symbol of our fight.

 Ömer Halisdemir whom fired the first bullet to coup gang and become the symbol for our latest democracy victory and for our fellow citizens who became a martyr, may they rest in peace.

Traces of parallel structure should be removed from all institutions and organizations including; public and private sectors, media and civil society organizations, armed forces and law bodies.

A decision has been made for state of emergency (OHAL) on July 20th.

During this period of time we believe that every Turkish citizen’s rights and liberties will be protected and a strong ground will be formed in order for us to achieve our goals as a nation.


At this point, the fact that our President of the Republic highlighted that the appliance of economic reforms and fiscal tightening are non-appeasable became assurance for our business world.

Considering the extraordinary incidents occurred recently, stable development of parameters indicates a strong economy.

Therefore financial system’s efficiency needs to be raised.

Central Bank’s appropriate interference and decisions which gives confidence to the market should continue, too.

Recover regulations for investment environment needs to be announced in the Official Newspaper and carried into action as soon as possible.

Companies and corporations that they do business with could be under jeopardy during the state of emergency, therefore a special arrangement needs to be made for them.

Export will become more of an issue with demand shrinking in domestic market. We should encourage our companies to focus on export even more.

We expect from Turkish Eximbank to raise its long-term credit and to provide export support on Turkish lira basis.

On the other hand, we need to focus again on reforms for strong economy along with strong democracy.

Our banks should approach with sympathy to our companies during this period of time.

In this period of time, extension could be made especially for due credits, interest, deposit and all other circumstances without any changes being made.

Ministry of Finance’s debt restructuring of taxes and premiums with arrangements on including domestic assets to cash repatriation will be generate a solution for the distress of economy.

In accordance with requests by our business world, valid decisions have been made towards tax base increase and stock indulgence.

We need to reform the idea which has been formed or desired to be formed for our country internationally.

As Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and as in private sector, we will also work, produce and invest more to carry Turkey to a brighter future.

We will carry on our projects with determination.

We have offered 30 million Turkish liras worth of source for our members to benefit from as part of the protocol we have signed with Halkbank before the Ramadan Feast.

This source has been spent in short period time like 5 business days.

We have decided to increase the amount of source in accordance with demands by our business world and in order to get out from the state of emergency we are in faster and stronger.

We raise our 30 million TL of source to 100 million TL

37 thousand members of BTSO will have the opportunity to benefit from 0,85% interest rate and 10 thousand lira to 125 thousand lira loan with 12 months’ maturity.

I wish good luck for our members and for Bursa business world.

After this meeting we will meet at Mihraplı Mosque once again to pray and remember our martyrs who defended this country and their nation fearlessly.

And then we will be at Democracy Square to fulfill our duty and take our place at democracy watch.

I am expecting all of you to this meaningful gathering and wish you a good evening.

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