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The 'Payitaht Bazaar Shopping Days' organized by BTSO in order to increase the attractiveness of the District of Inns and Bursa Historical Bazaar will strengthen the trade volume of the region for 3 months.
Continued ... | 23.05.2017 |
Mr. Ibrahim Burkay; President of the Board of Directors of BTSO stated that Production Reform Package will reduce the heavy financial burden on industrialists and open up new investments "Bursa business world will be one of the most benefiting cities from this package.
Continued ... | 16.05.2017 |
Commercial Safari Doping to BUTTIM
Representatives of various sectoral companies from different countries have gathered with companies from Bursa at Bursa International Textile and Trade Center (BUTTIM) as part of Commercial Safari Project of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Continued ... | 15.05.2017 |
Call for Support for Cooperation In Health Sector from Germany
An Investment meeting held by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the attendance of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Province in Germany. During the meeting Mr. Stefan Rudolph Counselor in Ministry of Economy, Labor and Health of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Province stated that Bursa is the most appropriate choice for cooperation in health tourism sector for them.
Continued ... | 10.05.2017 |
Bursa Business World is United for Democracy
As all of you know, on the date of July 15th unfortunately we have all witnessed to an event that disregarded our national will and was disgraceful in the name of democracy. Thankfully our nation has given an appropriate response to FETÖ terror organization that terrorized while hiding behind their military label by putting their lives at stake without hesitation.
Continued ... | 21.07.2016 |
Full Support from BTSO to the Walk of Democracy
Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry fully supported the walk of democracy for the purpose of protesting FETO organization’s attempted coup and protect our democracy and public’s will.
Continued ... | 25.07.2016 |
Joint Declaration from Chambers and Commodity Exchanges in 81 Provinces
The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) that has stand against the coup attempt against the national will right from the start, condemned the attempts to prevent the democracy one more time.
Continued ... | 19.07.2016 |
Invitation for Cooperation from Italy to Bursa
Mr. Luigi Mattiolo; Ambassador of the Embassy of Italy in Ankara paid a visit to Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) and said that economic cooperation between Italy and Bursa will increase with the collaborative work.
Continued ... | 18.05.2016 |
First Thematic Event from Bursa EU Information Center
Bursa European Union (EU) Information Center which operates under the umbrella of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) welcomed Mr. Vincent-Guillaume Poupeau; EU Turkey Delegation Counselor at its first thematic event.
Continued ... | 11.05.2016 |
Members of BTSO Gave Their Approval to BTSO’s Ur-Ge Projects
Mr. Ýsmail Kuþ; Vice President of the Board of Directors of BTSO said that Development of International Competitiveness (UR-GE) projects conducted by BTSO lead companies to get into the foreign markets by increasing their competitive capacity.
Continued ... | 11.05.2016 |
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