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Innovation and Design Meetings Press Conference

Welcome to the press conference of Innovation and Design Meetings which have great importance to achieve the future goals of our city and country.

There is an important change and transformation process in the world.

The borders in production, information and marketing have been removed.

There is a tough competition between countries and cities.

In this tough competition, people who make no progress lose.

Turkey, which is the 17th largest economies of the world, has raised 20 steps in Innovation Index that is the most important indicators of global competition in the last 2 years.

However, we still rank 54th in 143 countries.

If we would like to be among the largest countries of the world, we must increase our competitive power and make the economic development sustainable.

As Turkey, now we need to be innovative more than ever.

We need to add economic and social value to our products, and make difference and innovation in our services and methods of doing business.

We need to focus on R&D, innovation and design more to raise the level of our products, companies, sectors and our city.  

At this point, Bursa has a lot responsibility as the locomotive city of Turkey.

There is no other way but increasing the share of value-added products in production and export to increase the average export goal of our country per kilogram from 4 dollars to 8 dollars in Bursa.

Here we have been carrying out “Innovation and Design Meetings” in Bursa.

We aim Bursa, the center of production, trade and export, to gain a creativity and attraction center identity with the support of R&D, innovation and design.

We have been holding the “Innovation and Design Meetings” by carrying out the common mind of the city as all our projects.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Münir Karaloğlu; the Governer of Bursa in particular, Mr. Recep Altepe; Mayor of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, precious chairman and directors of non-governmental organizations, and all stakeholders contributing to these important meetings.

Innovation and design meetings are important platforms which will enable the design and innovation to be adopted as a culture by bringing our industrialists, academicians, entrepreneurs and all stakeholders together in Bursa.  

We’ve prepared a logo to create an identity and integrity to this platform.

The design of the logo is projected as the fingerprint of Bursa with the thought that the design of the logo will put signature to the innovation and design world of Bursa.

Every point on the fingerprint represents an event we’ve planned.

These important meetings that will be carried out in more than 10 subjects including Design competitions, R&D project market, Science Fest, Home&Style Fair, Animation Fest, and Design Summit will enlighten Bursa and its surroundings with the fire of innovation.

Within the frame of strategic co-operation with TÜYAP Bursa Fairs and Exhibitions Organization Inc. to make Bursa a national and international fair center, we have been holding the first Home&Style Fair of Turkey within the scope of “Innovation and Design Meetings”.

In the Home&Style Fair that we will move beyond the classical fair conception, we will both exhibit the latest products of our companies and talk with experts about new trends in home decoration, furniture and lightening.

Young Designers Platform, certification programs and skilled designers directing the design world will contribute to the Home&Style Fair having a trend determinant role in domestic decoration and design in the next 3 years.

Fair visitors will have the opportunity to review different approaches related to the home and office architecture closely.

Biodesign Exhibition that hosts current science and design projects in the world will be exhibited in Bursa Home&Style Fair after Rotterdam.

And in the Fashion Night, my precious friend Mr. Atıl Kutoğlu and Mr. Ozanhan Kayaoğlu, who is very talented and has written an important success story by attending our home textile design competition, will exhibit the 2015-2016 autumn-winter fashion show for the first time in Bursa.

Our Innovation and Design Meetings will comprise not only Bursa, but also Eskişehir and Bilecik.

While we will be organizing the Animation Fest in Eskişehir for the first time, we will meet the marble with design in Bilecik.

Our R&D Project Markets and design competitions that we have traditionalized in automotive and textile sectors will enable the emergence of new ideas and transformation of these ideas to output.

All of these activities will be between 27th and 31th May mostly.

I would like to indicate that we will be expecting your contributions for these activities.

And I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to the “Innovation and Design Meetings” that we believe to add great value to Bursa, our region and our country, and also here I express my gratitude to the precious directors of Turkish Economy Bank and Fiat that have given us the sponsorship support.

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