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Invitation for Cooperation from Italy to Bursa

Mr. Luigi Mattiolo; Ambassador of the Embassy of Italy in Ankara paid a visit to Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) and said that economic cooperation between Italy and Bursa will increase with the collaborative work.

Mr. Aytuğ Onur; Member of the Board of Directors of BTSO welcomed the Ambassador in the chamber. During the meeting, the trade relations between Italy and Bursa have been evaluated and new business connection environment and possible programs to be held in future have also been discussed. Mr. Onur said that they aim to make Bursa a center of attraction for exhibitions and wish to see brands of Italy in Bursa.



Mr. Onur stated that Italy means a great deal to investors from Bursa as Italy is the 3rd biggest client for Turkey in marble block export and reminded the fact that they held the first indoor space ‘Marble Block Fair’ last year under the leadership of BTSO. He also said that they could accomplish great cooperation with Italy as it is the 2nd most important exporter for processed marble export. Mr. Onur invited Italian companies to Bursa via the ambassador.



Mr. Mattiolo highlighted that Turkey and Italy can cooperate in many fields mainly in textile, mining and aeronautical sectors and added that Bursa has a great potential for manufacturing and industry. “Bursa is a considerably appealing city for Italian companies. Many Italian companies that have invested in Bursa are glad to be in this city. I believe that the number of companies will increase from hereafter.

| 18.05.2016 |


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