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Full Support from BTSO to the Walk of Democracy

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry fully supported the walk of democracy for the purpose of protesting FETO organization’s attempted coup and protect our democracy and public’s will.


Mr. İsmail Kuş; Vice President of the Board of Directors, Mr. Remzi Topuk; President of the Assembly of BTSO, Mr. Cüneyt Şener and Mr. İlker Duran; Members of the Board of Directors of BTSO gathering with Bursa city council volunteers, chambers, exchanges, civil society organizations and citizens in front of Ulucami continued their walk through Atatürk Street, İnonu Street and Cumhuriyet Street to 15th July Democracy Square (Şehreküstü Square). Thousands of people attended the walk with Turkish flags and wore star and crescent printed clothes.


Mr. İsmail Kuş said that they have shown exemplary unity to the world against those who desire to divide Turkey. “As Bursa business world, we once again proved that no power could damage our national will and this country’s wholeness.


Mr. Remzi Topuk said that “We do not recognize the attempted coup against this country and our nation. As representatives of the business world, we always stand by our country and our nation.”


Mr. Hasan Çepni; Head of Bursa City Council said that “As Bursa City Council, we condemn the attempted coup by FETÖ organization for the purpose of attacking to this country’s national will and declare that we will be remaining at the watch of democracy. Today we have witnessed to a fact that our people are capable of putting all differences of opinion beside and unite for the sake of their country.


| 25.07.2016 |


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